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Does this sound familiar? “I just feel like there are more possibilities for me. There are more things I want to do and more things I want to have in my life. I know there has to be something more, but how do I really get there? ” I’ve talked to so many other people who have asked themselves this question over and over, but have settled for life being “good enough.” I know I did.

Maybe we are toiling away at an unfulfilling job or feel like we aren’t living up to our potential. Maybe, despite our best efforts, we continue to struggle financially. Perhaps we have ideas and dreams, but are unsure if we can really make them happen. Or, maybe we have lost ourselves in the role of ‘mom’/’dad’ or ‘husband’/’wife’ and have forgotten what personally inspires us.

The feeling that there is “Something More” bothers many of us.

Finding The Way

The time came when I couldn’t live with the feeling that something was “off” any longer. So, I finally listened to that voice inside. I quit my job as an attorney and decided to create The Possibility of Today.

But, making that decision was only part of the equation. With a family to help support, a new career to launch and a new livelihood to generate, I had to ensure success. There was no way I could do that using the same thoughts and behaviors that had allowed me to accept ‘just good enough’ my entire life.

I dug deep and did my research. I read everything from Ralph Waldo Emerson to the Dalai Lama, from Dale Carnegie to Eckhart Tolle. I analyzed past successes (like graduating from a top law school and reaching career and financial goals) looking for clues that would help me to create a foolproof roadmap to my ‘Something More.’

And I found the ideal roadmap. It worked. While I definitely had those days when my doubts used to creep in, I followed this roadmap (which included both inner and outer work) to create the Possibility of Today, build the online community of over 65,000 people, create a web radio show, write a book, and help people find their “Something More” using this very same roadmap.

Finding your “Something More” starts with figuring out what you want for your life, taking that first step and then committing—no matter what—to doing everything it takes to follow the roadmap until you get to where you ultimately want to be.

The 2 Questions: Belief and Guaranteed Success

When people hear my story many of them ask two questions:

  1. How did I push past my feelings of doubt and strengthen my belief? And
  2. What did I specifically do to guarantee that I would succeed?

Well, the roadmap and the steps I took are all below. I’ve also created a video series that covers each step in detail so that you can apply each step to your own life and start doing the inner and outer work you must do to see results. Whether there is something you really want to accomplish or if you’re just trying to find your way to your own “Something More”, this roadmap will help you get exactly where you want to be.

The most important thing to understand is how the path actually looks. I used to think the path to success was a straight line and if I just put in the time, worked really hard and executed my plan, I would eventually get to where I wanted to be.

However, everything will change for you, just like it did for me, once you realize that the true path is a spiral. I call it the Possibility Spiral because what first begins as just a possibility, becomes a reality once you reach the top.

There is the front side of the Spiral when you experience success and feel like you are getting closer to your goal. And, what many of us don’t know, is that there is the back side of the Spiral when you experience a ‘setback.’ Most people interpret this as failure and take it as a sign that it’s not ‘meant to be.’ But that’s simply not true. Every experience, (especially the challenging ones), helps strengthen your belief and brings you closer to your ‘Something More.’

The Path Up The Possibility Spiral

You will find below the specific information on all of the steps you have to take to get to the top of your Possibility Spiral and reach your ‘Something More’. If you’re interested in a deeper understanding of the Possibility Spiral, you can click the button below to learn about the video series I created.

The 7 Steps to Your “Something More”

Step #1 Rethink What’s Possible


It’s essential to recognize all of your possibilities and think about what you truly want. In the beginning, it’s okay if you are unsure, but ask yourself this question: ‘What do I feel like I am meant to do?’ Don’t limit yourself. It’s like that great quote by Robert Fritz reminds us: “If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.”

Step #2 Re-Envision the Path To Success


As you move up the path toward what you want, you will encounter the backsides of the Possibility Spiral. This side of the Spiral helps you strengthen your belief and get stronger so you can ultimately accomplish what you want. To avoid getting discouraged or quitting, remind yourself of the Possibility Spiral anytime you hit a challenge on the backside of the Spiral.

Step #3 Getting Organized


Getting organized comes down to one simple strategy: alignment. You have to align your day with what you really want and take steps forward every single day (no matter how small). In order to keep your momentum going, you must do at least one thing daily that will move you a step closer even if you only have 15 minutes.

Step #4 – Meet Your Extraordinary Side


Your Extraordinary Side is the part of you that has been urging you toward your Something More and it’s the part of you that will absolutely guide you there—if you listen to and are aligned with it. But, you must learn to recognize and listen to It.

Step #5 – Practice Living From Your Extraordinary Side


Our Extraordinary Side lives under the hardened shell of our ordinary ways and is only able to shine out consistently where there are cracks or openings in our shell. As you move up your Possibility Spiral, uncovering more and more of your Extraordinary Side is the inner work you must do if you want to successfully reach the top.

Step #6 – Build an Extraordinary Network


You must use your Extraordinary Side to think both practically and intuitively about what you are trying to accomplish. Break it down. What do you need to know? Everything you need to help accomplish what you want is always within reach. Your Extraordinary Side will direct you to the perfect information and people.

Step #7 – Accelerate Your Progress


A common trap we can fall into is to devote the majority of our energy to only one or a couple key areas, like work or family. However, all eight areas work together and need to be in balance. The more balanced you are the quicker you can move up any Possibility Spiral.


It’s easy to accept the status quo because it seems like the only or the best option. But, in every moment of every day, we are literally surrounded by endless possibilities that are leading us to Something More. We just must choose to take advantage of them and get in tune with that side of ourselves that knows what is truly possible. If you are interested in learning some more about how to do this, please click the “Start Learning Today” button below.

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.